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Please note that the bold face words indicate the town, city or area of that mug.


Actien Brauerei (DAB) Export Bier Dortmunder 1937 Grand Prix Commemorative .5L Salzglasur

Aktien Brauerei Kaufbeuren 1L Salzglasur

Aldersbach Brauerei 1L Salzglasur

Alzenau Brauerei Stein Alzenau (Bayern) .5L Salzglasur Late 1800's

Apostel Bräu Wormser 1 litre and .5 litre salt glaze

Appenzell or Appenzellerland Switzerland .5 litre salt glaze.

Auer-Bräu Rosenheim;.1L salt glazed

Augusteriner Bräu München .5L salt glaze

Ayinger Ayinger .4L glass lidded stein

Bamberger Hofbräu Bamberg 1L salt glazed

Bären Bräu Herborner .4L Glass Stein mit Deckel (with lid)

Bayrisch Bock .4L with applied enamel text - very old!

Bayreuther Brauerei 1 litre salt glaze

Binding Bier Frankfurt two .5L and the blue logo mug is 8/20th all are salt glazed

Bischoff Bröu .5L Salt Glazed

Bonnet Bier .5L salt glazed

Bürger Bräu Augsburg 1 litre salt glaze

Bürger Bräu München .4 litre salzglasur and a lidded .5L gloss

Casary Bräu Trier Two .5L salt glaze

Dinkle-Acker Stuttgarter .5L and 1L salt glaze

Dinkle-Acker Stuttgarter .5L and 1L salt glaze

Dinkle-Acker Stuttgarter two 1L salt glazed

Egger Brauerei Kufstein .5L and 1L both salt glazed

Eiche zur Kiel Kiel .5L gloss finish More Eiche stuff here!

Frankenbräu Riedbach .5L salt glaze

Frankenheim Alt Düsseldorfer Glass Stein with no capacity mark, yet is a .4L. View lid

Fürstenberg Bräu .5L salt glaze

G.Bauhöfer Brauerei Brewers name, no other info. Lidded .5L salt glazed

Gaildorf Brauerei Häberlen .5L salt glaze

Garmisch Brauhaus 1L salt glazed

Genossenschaft Brauerei Kirchen 1L salt glazed

Germania Bier .5L salt glazed

Gesundheit Homebrew malt extract company. Slogan was "A smile in every can" .5L and .75L gloss

Grüner Bräu Bad Tölz a 1 liter and a matching .5L both salt glazed.

Habereckl Hofbräu? Brauerei? 1L saltglaze

Hachenburger Hachenburger .3L glass lidded stein

Hacker Bräu München .5L and 1L both salt glazed

Hacklberg Brauerei .5 litre salt glazed lidded stein

Hanau or Hanau Hofbrauhaus .5 litre salt glaze.

Hansa Bier Dortmunder .4L salt glazed

Hannen Bräu .5L glass stein.

Hasen Bräu Augsburg - Includes a very heavy .25L, two .4L, and a 1L alle salzglasur

Hassen Brauerei Augsburg 1 Litre and a 4/10L Salzglasur

Heilmfurt Brauerei Heilmfurt a .5L salt glaze

Henninger Bräu Frankfurt Main Top one is .3L & both bottom are .5L all salt glazed

Henninger Frankfurt Two .5L both salt glazed

Henninger Frankfurt- Two .5L and 1L both salt glazed

Henninger Pilsner Frankfurt .4L glass stein. Veiw lid

Herrn Bräu Book shaped krug .5L Gloss

HB Hofbräu Haus München With the Frauenkirche thumb lift. .5 litre and .25L both lidded salt glaze

HB Hofbräu Haus Munich 1 litre Lidded salt glaze.View lid Donated by W.W. Stone

HB Hofbräu Haus Munich 1 litre Lidded salt glaze. Predates 1905

HB Hofbräu Munich 1L, .5L and a .25L alle mit Deckel (with lid)

HB Hofbräu Haus München Dates to 1893 1L Salt Glazed Stein mit Deckel (with lid)

HB Hofbräu Haus München 1L and 2 .5L one lidded all salt glazed

HB Hofbräu Haus München 1L salt glaze with certificate of authenticity

HB Hofbräu Haus München; 1/8L, .25L, .5L and 1 litre all salt glazed

Holsten Bier Hamburg - Two .5L both salt glaze

Holsten Bier Hamburg - .5L Salzglasur

Humbser-Bräu 1L liter pre 1890 salt glaze

Karlsburg Bier Karlsgurg; .5L salt glaze and .25L gloss

Kätchen Bier Heilbronner; 1L Salzglasur

Kauzen BierOchsenfurt; .5L Beaker salt glaze

Kauzen Bier Ochsenfurt; three .5L gloss mugs

Kitzmann Bräu Erlangen; 1L salt glaze

Kloster Brauerei Oberelchingen; .5L salt glazed lidded stein

Klosterbräu Alpirsbach; 10/20L salt glazed

Kronen Bier Dortmunder; .5L salt glaze and .25L gloss

Kummert-Brauerei BGKS Simple .5L salt glazed

Lederer Bröu Nürnberg; .5L Salt Glazed

LöwenBräu Munich; .4L and a 1L both Salt Glazed

LöwenBräu Muenchen; a massive 3L, 1L and a lidded .5L all Salt Glazed

LöwenBräu Muenchen; 3L, 2L and a 1L all salt glazed

Löwenbrauerei Grafenwöhr; Two 1L salt glazed

Mainzer Aktien-Bier MainzTwo .5L both salt glazed

Mainzer Aktien-Bier Mainz two more .5 litre salt glaze

Malteser-Brauerei Amberg 1L Salt Glazed

Martha Bräu Fürstenfeldbrurt 1L salt glaze

Martins Bräu Hamburg .4L Salzglasur

Mettlach krugs plain tan .4L and a brown .5L gloss mugs: Donated by Dr. Roy DeSelms

Michaelsberg Brauerei Bamberg 1L salt glaze

Michels Bräu Babehausen .5 litre salt glaze

Mönchshof Bräu Kulmbach 1L Salzglasur

Münster Bier Münster 1L salt glaze

Nameless hardy and well used 1L salt glazed

Nürnberg .5 litre salt glaze Nürnberg Central Train Station

Ober Bräu Mechelen, Belgium .4L and .3L both salt glaze

OberBräu Holzkirchen .5L salt glazed lidded stein

Oberbräu .45L glass stein with ceramic inlay. Veiw lid

Ochsen Gold Ulmer .5L salt glaze

Pantl Bräu Murnau two .5 litre salt glazedd

Park Bräu Saarbrücken .5L and 1L both salt glaze

Paulaner-Thomasbräu München two .5 litre and a 1 liter all salt glazed

Paulaner Bräu München Two from the 1920's .3 and a .5L both are salt glazed

Paulaner Bräu München This .4 liter is salt glazed and has a very nice lid!

Paulaner-Thomasbräu München With St. Thomas' image in logo, a .5L and 2 1L all three salt glazed

Plain krug 1L Salzglasur

Pschorr Bräu München - Two .5L salt glazed

Pschorr Bräu München - 1L salt glaze with front capacity stamp

Pschorr-Bräu München .4L glass lidded stein. Veiw lid

Pschorr Bräu München - .5L gloss and .4L salt glazed

Ritter Bräu Dortmunder 1L salt glaze

Raichelbröu Kulmbach .5L Salt Glaze

Ruppaner Konstanz .5L salt glaze

Sandlerbräu Export beer from Kulback .5L Salzglasur mit Deckel

Siechen Bier Nürnberg .5L salt glaze

Schloß Brauerei Fuchsberg made before 1890 (could also be spelled: Schloss) .45L Salzglasur

Schlossquell Heidelberg - Two .5L and a .4L all salt glaze

Schmid Bräu 1L salt glazed

Schultheis Marksburg a .25L and a .5L biede salzglasur

Schultheiss Bier Berlin 1L and .5L both salt glazed

Scwhwaben Bräu Robert Leicht Bier Brauerei Glass Stein .4L mit wunderbar Deckel Donated by Stephen Whitley

Scwhwaben Bräu Robert Leicht Bier Brauerei of Stuttgart .5L Salzglasur mit Deckel

Schwaben Bräu Stuttgart multi color logo 1Land .5L both salt glazed

Schwaben Bräu Stuttgart light blue logo 1 Land .5L both salt glazed

Schwaben Bräu Stuttgart Commemorative to the 75 year anniversary massive 3 liter salzglasur

Simon Bräu Bitburg Bitburger Pils .5L and 6/20L salt glazed

Spaten Bräu München .5L and .3L both salt glazed

Spaten Bräu München Classic .5L salt glazed

Spaten Bräu München Two 1L salzglasur

Spaten Bräu München an old favorite half liter salt glaze

Spaten Bräu München a one liter and a half liter both salt glazed

Spaten Bräu München a one liter lidded salt glazed stein

Sternbräu Rankweil 1L salt glaze

Stiftungs Brauerei Erding 1L salt glazed

Stuttgarter Hofbräu Stuttgart Multi colored logo. two 1L and two .5L all salt glazed

Stuttgarter Hofbräu Stuttgart Blue logo. a 1L and two .5L all salt glazed

Stuttgarter Hofbräu Stuttgart Red logo. 1L and .5L both salt glazed

Stuttgarter Hofbräu Stuttgart Red logo. 1L and .5L set both salt glazed

Stuttgarter Bier Stuttgart 1L salt glazed

Thier Bräu Dortmunder Blue logo .5L salzglasur

Thier Bräu Dortmunder Multi color logo .5L and .25L both salt glazed

Tucher Brauerei Nürnberg .5L and 1L both salt glazed

Tucher Bier Nürnberg two more 1L and a .5L both salt glazed

Union Dortmunder Three .5L all salt glazed

Waldhorn Bräu .5L salt glazed

Wallbräu Schweinfurt two 1 litre salt glazec

Weitnau Brauerei .5L salt glaze lidded stein

Weyermann Bamberg 50 yr anniversery "Self Rule Brings Blessings" 1L lidded salt glaze. View: lid Donated by Stephen Whitley

Wimmer Brauerei Bruckberg 1L Salzglasur

Wittingen Brauerei .5L salt glazed

Wolf Shöhe Brauerei .5 L salt glaze and a 1L gloss

Weisses Bräuhaus Erding 1L lidded salt glazed

Werner Corzelius 100 year celebration of this Potter. Donated by Stephen Whitley

Würzburger Hofbräu Würzburg an old .5L lidded gloss finish

Würzburger Hofbräu Würzburg .5L & 1L both salt glazed

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